Boom truck in medicine hat

How a Boom Truck Can Help You Complete Your Next Big Project

Whether you’re working on a residential renovation project or a commercial construction development, a boom truck rental in Medicine Hat can help you finish on time and on budget. Not sure if you need one or not? Keep reading to learn more about boom trucks, what types of projects they can be used on and how they can help you get things done.

What’s the Difference Between Boom Trucks and Cranes?

Boom trucks and cranes are very similar and are often confused. The main difference between the two has to do with their respective reach, weight limits and maneuverability. 

Boom trucks are ideal in situations where you will need to be able to lift personnel or construction materials into the air but still have the ability to easily move the truck around the worksite. Boom trucks are highly valued for both the wide range of tasks they can tackle and their maneuverability. 

Cranes, on the other hand, tend to be favoured in situations where maximum reach and weight limit are highly important and the machinery can remain fixed (and stabilized) in one spot.

When Can I Use a Boom Truck?

There are a number of projects where boom trucks or a crane service can be helpful. Boom trucks are incredibly versatile and can be used in several capacities including:

  • As a crane
  • For loading and towing using the flatbed surface
  • To hoist workers into the air

Boom trucks are an important piece of equipment for any project requiring you to lift personnel into the air. They can be used to: 

  • Attach fixtures at a height
  • Change streetlights
  • Install commercial signs
  • Perform repairs on a residential roof
  • Perform tree maintenance
  • Hot tub relocation
  • Shed relocation
  • And much more

For projects involving greater heights like installing flat roofing or hanging electrical power lines, a crane service would be your best choice. 

What Does a Boom Truck Rental Include?

With LMT Crane Service in Dunmore, just southeast of Medicine Hat, you’ll have our fleet of state of the art equipment at your disposal. And whether you choose a crane service or a boom rental, you can rest easy knowing that all of our operators are fully trained, licensed and highly skilled. 

LMT Crane Service can handle all the heavy lifting for your residential, commercial, industrial or municipal projects. Whether you need to install a hot tub or are constructing a commercial office tower, LMT Crane Service provides reliable rental services. Big or small, we do it all. Contact us today to learn more about our services or to request a free quote.

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